AQA A2 Sociology- Phenomenology and Religion

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  • Phenomenology and Religion
    • Berger
      • Believes God is the fundamental truth but the way people interpret him us up to them.
      • He sees the universe being weakened by secularisation
    • Luckmann
      • Some people may be more religious than others because despite being socialised into a religious model everyone's interpretation is different.
      • People choose religion as society requires is e.g. having a wedding.
      • Religion explains how a just and loving God could allow suffering as he offers rewards to those who suffer in the after life.
      • Sacred canopy: religion acts as a canopy by shielding the universe of meaning from anything that may weaken it.
        • Eval: Berger argues the universe of meaning is weakened by modern society- its attacked by science and technology and people now no longer passively  accept the word of religion
    • Summary:
      • Religion is what individuals construct and apply meaning to which is shared to make sense of the world.
      • People subjectively interpret religion- they may distance themselves from parts of religion they dislike (oppressive) and worship other parts more privately- belief without belonging-Davie
    • Evaluation:
      • Religion as a universal of meaning.
        • People have common sense understanding of behaviour- they alter their behaviour when entering a religious building.
        • There is lots of intolerence and ignorance about religion which leads to confusion- some use their religious beliefs to discriminate.
      • Subjectively interpret religion.
        • Postmodernists- support this- they argue people interpret the world in their own way- religion is a spiritual supermarket.
        • Devout Christians don't pick and mix in what tey believe an they follow the faith fully.


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