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  • Phases of The SDLC
    • Design
      • Designs for the user interface
      • Processing to be carried out
      • Deliverables
        • Details of the file definitions
        • A detailed time plan
        • Designs of outputs, whether on screen, on paper, or by other methods
      • The client is involved by telling you how they want the solution to look
    • Installation and conversion
      • Deliverables
        • Fully functional solution, signed off by the client
        • Fully documented including user guide and technical documents
      • This is where the old system is surpassed by the new system
      • The client is involved by seeing if the solution fits in with the environment and that it is up to their standards
    • Analysis
      • What its strengths and weaknesses are
      • Exactly what the existing system does
      • What is required of the new system
      • Any constraints that may be placed on the new system
      • The client is involved by being part of the investigation part of analysis
    • Review and maintance
      • Corrective maintenance
        • This means putting right any error reports once the system is up and running
      • Adaptive maintenance
        • This means altering the current system to meet any new client requirments
      • Perfective maintenance
        • This means tweaking the current system to sort out any inefficiencies
    • Construction the solution
      • Writing the code for the new system
      • Deliverables
        • Working system
        • Documents of the solution
        • Draft version of the user guide
      • The client is involved by seeing if all the key parts of the solution are included
    • Testing
      • Integration testing
        • When module testing is done modules are combined one at a time and then it is debugged
      • Module testing
        • Module testing means testing individual sections of software
      • Functional testing
        • This is used to pick up on any errors that went through module and integration testing
        • It is also used to see if the new system meets the requirements of the client
      • Systems testing
        • This is where the users put it through its paces and then give feedback about the system
      • User testing
        • This is the final test before the system goes operational
        • Give the system to the users in a controlled enviroment to see how the system copes in the field
      • Operational testing
        • This is conducted in an actual environment where the system will be in use
        • Deliverables
          • Test date and results
          • Modified user guide
          • Client approval to install


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