Tess of the d'Urbervilles Phase 1 - Chapter 1

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  • Phase 1 - Chapter 1
    • Summary
      • On his way home from haggling, a peddler named John Durbeyfield meets Parson Tringham, who surprises Durbeyfield by addressing him as “Sir John.”
      • The parson then reveals his recent discovery that the Durbeyfields are descended from the ancient, knightly d'Urberville family, which has since fallen from prominence and gone extinct.
      • Durbeyfield is flattered and amazed by this information.
      • After the parson leaves, Durbeyfield boasts to a boy from town about his lineage and sends for a carriage to take him the rest of the way home.
    • Quotes
      • The pair of legs that carried him were rickety, and there was a bias in his gait
      • Empty egg-basket
      • "And here have I been knocking about...as if I was no more than the commonest feller in the parish..."
      • "how the mighty are fallen"
      • Durbeyfield lay waiting on the grass and daisies in the evening sun. Not a soul passed that way for a long while...
    • Themes
      • Social Criticism
    • Characters
      • Jack Durbeyfield
      • Parson Tringham


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