Phagosomal PAMP or DAMP

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  • Phagosomal PAMP or DAMP
    • NLR activated
      • Does not activate gene expression
      • Forms an enzyme that activates cytokines
        • Activate the incorporation of the complex with pro-caspase-1
          • Cleaves into pro-IL-1beta and pro-IL-18
            • Becomes bioactive IL-1beta and IL-18
              • IL-1 goes into the brain and cause fever. It is very important for protecting against infection
              • IL-18 causes NK cells and T cells to release IFN-gamma
      • NLR associates with ASC (an adaptor molecule)
        • Complex binds caspase-1 to form a tertiary structure
          • Forms a heptamer. Caspase-1 activated at this point
    • NLP-P1 is good to respond to toxins
    • NLRB3 can respond to disruption of cell function and cell membrane damage which detects potassium leakage


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