Psychology Peterson and Peterson Study

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  • Peterson and Peterson DURATION
    • Aim
      • To study how long info remains in the STM if not rehearsed.
    • Procedure
      • 24 Participants, presented with nonsense trigrams consisting of 3 consonants
      • Recall was required after a delay of 3,6,9,12,15 or 18 secs.
      • Were asked to count backwards in threes randomly as a distractor task between presentation and recall.
      • Recall had to be 100% accurate and in correct order.
      • Tested repeatedly with the various time delays
    • Independent Variable
      • How long the time delay was.
    • Dependent Variable
      • If they were correct in their recall.
    • Findings
      • Rapid increase in forgetting as time delay increased
      • After 3 seconds 80% correct recall
      • After 6 seconds 50% correct recall
      • After 18 seconds less than 10% correct recall
    • Conclusion
      • Information is lost very quickly with little or no rehearsal. (No more than 18secs)


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