Peters Early Life- Foreign Affairs

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  • Peters Early Life- Foreign Affairs
    • Failed Crimean Campaigns
      • Aim- To drive the Turks from Europe
        • Both 1687 and 1689 = Failed Campaigns
          • Inadequate Supply Systems
          • Unethusiastic and ill-prepared armies
    • The Great Embassy- 1697
      • Aim- Diplomatic Links, Pursuing his interests
        • Travelled through Swedish Held Riga, Prussia, Germany, Nethalands, England, Vienna for 18 Months
          • IMAGE
            • Went Incognito, not as a Tsar title
            • His hosts were happy to serve him
            • Peter ordered two Russians to be executed in the Nethalands as they embassed his hosts
            • Vandalism in England visit
          • ALLIANCES
              • West was pre-occupied with Louis XII, possibly gaining control of Spain
                • The West feared that France and Spain would emerge as a powerful european country
                • The Holy Roman Emperor wanted to make peace
                  • 1699- Treaty Of Karlowitz. HRE makes Peace with the Ottomans
              • A Possible Alliance with Augustus- Elector Of Saxony to the Polish Throne
                • On Peters journey home, both met to discuss weaknesses of Sweden
                  • Both understood that Anti-Swedish Alliance might easily be reached
            • New Technology- Modern Muskets and Ring Bayonets
              • To fend off the enemy
            • 800 Specialists- naval officers, shipwrights, engineers
            • Western power agreed to train Russians in seafaring skills
              • 35 Volunteers left behind (sons of noblemen)
  • The Great Embassy Impact- Overall
    • This initial aim of gaining diplomatic links = Was a Failure
    • Extremely Costly, but had positive results = technical experts/meeting westernised people for Peter/technology
    • the impact on Peter directly was more successful than the impact on Russia. VISITING THE WEST


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