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  • Peterborough
    • Location
      • East of England
      • 75 miles north of London
      • 37 miles from Cambridge
      • Road links A1
      • Rail links between Endinburgh and London
    • History
      • 1850 - Great Northern railway established from London to York, running through Peterborough
      • Started to attract industry - London Brick Company (1900) in Fletton
      • Perkins Engines - another vital industry
        • Frank Perkins parkway
      • The Fens were drained (marshlands) leaving dry, low lying land for agriculture
    • PDC (Peterborough Development Corporation)
      • Peterborough was given 'New Town' status to cater for London's overspill
        • It provided space for London families who could commute to work in an hour (rail links) but have all the benefits of living in a New Town
      • The 'Peterborough Effect'
        • In 1979, Peterborough was thriving
          • Businesses including TSB, Marks and Spencer and John Lewis had relocated to Peterborough
        • An advert was created to encourage businesses and attract more people - filmed in Castor with a Centurion who spoke of Peterborough's successes in Latin - promoting its history
      • 1982 - Queensgate shopping centre opened, providing retail opportunities
    • Future development
      • Plans put in place for North Westgate
        • Peterborough Investment Partnership (PIP) aims to create a multiplex cinema, food hall, offices and apartments.
      • Fletton Quays development (South Bank)
        • New offices
        • Urban beach
        • Hotel
      • UK's environment capital
        • Aims to make Peterborough sustainable by 2050
          • Zero carbon
          • Zero waste
          • Health and wellbeing
      • Impact of Brexit
        • Could discourage migrants, so economy loses value
    • Demographics
      • Ageing population
      • High migrant population
        • Economic migrants from EU countries eg: Poland
          • Due to EU free movement and Schengen Agreement
          • Better living conditions in the UK, as well as higher wages and better prospects
          • Younger, hardworking population boosts local economy, through paying taxes
            • Amazon and Ikea distribution centres
              • Lower wages and longer hours - fairly mundane work, but better compared to eastern European countries
              • Good transport links
        • Influenced the culture - shops and restaurants


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