Pest management

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  • Pest Management
    • Biological control agents
      • Biological control agents involve bringing in the natural predator of the pest
      • The aim of this is to control the pest, not eradicate it
      • Advantages
        • Are very specific
        • They do not need to be reapplied because the organism will reproduce
        • Pests cannot become resistant to BCAs
      • Disadvantages
        • The BCA may end up becoming a pest, as with the cane toad
        • These usually take a while to 'kick in'
    • Chemical pesticides
      • Pesticides are chemicals that are designed to kill pests
      • Good pesticides should:
        • Be specific and only target the pest they were designed for
        • Not bioaccumulate to reduce the chance of them entering the food chain
        • Be cost-effective
        • Break down into harmless chemicals
      • Advantages
        • They usually take effect very quickly
        • Are usually very effective at killing pests
      • Disadvantages
        • The chemicals almost always have some effect on non-target organisms
        • They must be reapplied at intervals
        • Pests can develop a genetic resistance to the chemicals
    • Integrated pest management
      • 1. Choosing animal and plant species that suit the local area
      • 2. Providing a suitable habitat for natural predators
      • 3. Regular screening for signs of pests
      • 4. Removing the pest manually (by hand picking)
      • 5. BCAs
      • 6. Pesticides as a last resort


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