PESSCL-PE School Sports and Club Links

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  • PESSCL-PE School Sports and Club Links
    • Gifted and Talented Programme
      • Designed help young elite athletes achieve their full potential. It aims to identify high flyers in PE and give them the support and funding they need to make it to the top
    • Top Link Programme
      • Set up to develop links between schools. It helps 14-16 yr olds set up sport and dance festivals for their local primary/special schools.
      • It develops leadership and organisational skills.
    • SSC - Specialist Sports Colleges
      • These are schools that really focus on PE and sport. They recieve government funding for equipment and facilities and are expected to work with the local community and primary schools to help develop sports
    • SSP - School Sports Partnership
      • Groups of schools work together to improve PE skills. SSC, other secondary schools, primary and special schools all share resources and knowledge - gives children more opportunities
    • Step into Sport
      • Aimed at 14-19 yrs old. It encourages them to be sports leaders and volunteers both now and in the future
    • Swimming
      • All children must do 25m by the end of primary school
    • Sporting playgrounds
      • Provide activities at break and lunch such as active zone/ wake and shake
  • All children should experience 2hrs of high quality PE and sport per week
  • Encourage links between schools and sports colleges - funding was provided


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