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  • Persuasive Techniques
    • Personal Pronoun - we an article, website etc.. uses 'I, you, we, our etc...
    • Statistics - when they add figures into articles, websites etc...
    • Facts - pacific information that gives evidence to something
    • Expert Opinion - when someone important gives pacific evidence
    • Alliteration - when your using 3 words with the same letter at the beginning of the word.
    • Rhetorical Question - asking a question without an answer.
    • Cluster of 3 - using 3 descriptive words.
    • Variety of punctuation - different types of grammar E.G full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation mark
    • Emotive language - powerful language to the reader.
    • Guilt trip - advertising something that makes the reader feel guilty
    • Own opinion - what you think about the article, website etc...
    • Exaggeration - make something sound bigger and better than it actually is
    • Repetition - repeating something that gets the readers attention
    • Flattery - making the reader feel special by doing something E.G bribery


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