Persuasive Posters WW1

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  • Persuasive Posters WW1
    • Trying to persuade using emotive language/ thoughts getting child involved(or something precious).
    • Sexist society as many poems show a weak women or female.
    • Very simple colours usaully just 3.
    • Emphasis on GREAT WAR.
    • One poster suggested starting a new life (women opening door)
      • Women is also floating which represents angle- hevean - death-war.
    • Dark dull colours represent the the war. War was muddy, not bright
      • Bright has positive connotations where as dull has negative connotations.
        • War was dull - negative connotation on war.
  • Oh! What  a lovely war!
    • Women were used to draw men in very sexual ways.
    • British entertainment turned into enlistment
    • Fake and false impressions because when men actually got enlisted they


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