Cutler et al. Persuasion


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  • Persuasion - Cutler et al.
    • Aim: to investigate whether hearing a psychological research from an expert would have an affect on the juror's decision making and whether those decisions would be sceptical.
    • Participants: 538 psychology  students who would get credit for their psychology introductory course for participating.
    • Method: Laboratory experiment - using a videotaped mock trial on robbery. Participants were tested on their memory, what their verdict was guilty or not and how confident they were in that decision.
      • The four main IVs: 1) Witness Identifying Conditions 2) Witness confidence 3) Expert Opinion and 4) Form of testimony.
    • Results: WIC - more guilty verdicts were found. 85% recalled testimony showing good memory; everyone's memory was good. Witness confidence made the juror's confidence high in their own confidence rating. No evidence found to support that the expert opinion made juror's decision sceptable.
    • Conclusion: Expert opinion did improve juror's knowledge and made them pay more attention to the WIC. However, there were no evidence to show that the juror's decisions were sceptible due to the expert opinion.


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