Perspectives on the Family

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  • Perspectives On the Family
    • Functionalist
      • Murdock: Carried out reasurch in 250 countries, with empirical evidence and found that the family had 4 basic functions
        • Sexual- The family performs and satisfies the sex drive
          • Strengths- Hes has empirical evidence, reliable evidence that was supported by Parsons
          • Weakness- Based on a western perspective, research is outdated and he doesn't take in to account different family structures such as gay families
        • Education - the family teaches children norms and values, passing culture on (this is PRIMARY SOCIALIZATION)
        • Economic - The family provides Food and Shelter
        • Reproductive - the family reproduces the next generation
      • PARSONS: He researched white middle class American and found the nuclear family carried out two main functions
        • Primary Socialization- Parents teach there child NORMS AND VALUES
        • Stabilization of Adult Personalities- The ides that the family is a place where we can all act naturally
          • Primary Socialization- Parents teach there child NORMS AND VALUES
        • Strengths- He carries out his own research, validity he has tested the family, supports Murdoch's concept on Primary socialization
          • Weaknesses- Only carries it out on white middle class families, not all family's are safe havens for example Domestic Violence,, ideas are out dated because the Nuclear Family is in decline
    • Marxist
      • Engels: Men are the Breadwinners,and they oppress women. He believed that "Women are glorified prostitutes in the home". And that the family is a key tool to reproduce the next workforce and the family provides a place of retreat from the workforce
        • Strengths - Agrees with Parsons that the family provides a place of retreat from the workplcee
        • Weakness- He doesn't acknowledge how the family can bring people together
    • Feminist
      • Veronica Beechey- Believes that housewives carries 2 functions, one is to provide care for current and future workers and the other is a cheep army reserve for labor
        • Strengths - acknowledges that the family is patriarchal and that the female role is an expressive role
        • Weakness- doesn't look at modern day life where the women can be the breadwinner in the same house holds
      • Fran Ainsley -Believes that women are the expressive leaders, providing emotional support and the women are takers of shit" because they deal with their husbands anger and frustrations from work. She believes that women are oppressed
        • Strengths- women's role stereo-typically is seen in the home with the them having dual or triple burden
        • Weakness- Nowadays women are working as well as having children her research does not acknowledge this


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