perspectives on learning

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  • perspectives on learning
    • Behaviourist
      • Classical conditioning: association. Operant conditioning: positive and negative reinforcement
      • Applications: Programmed learning- step to step learning, correct they can move on, if incorrect given additional information.
        • Behaviour modification: Operant condition- sticker charts, tokens and detentions
    • Humanistic
      • Uniqueness of individuals, we are a product of out experiences
      • Rogers: client centered, we have free will, not had the same experiences and we need to self actualise.
      • Applications: co-op learning. non competitive, assigned roles that work to their strengths. expected share.
        • Learning circles/ open classrooms: individual growth , goal setting, no curriculum.
    • Cognitive
      • Piaget: develop in stages, assimilation- existing schemas. Accommodator- new schemas
      • Discovery learning- Bruner- presented have to organise information. Need to be aroused. spiral cirrriculum.
      • Ausbel: expository: even all information. Reception: learn the exposed material. Derivative- relating. Correlative- change what they know
      • Vygostky- ZPD, difference between what a child can achieve by themselves and what they can achieve with a more knowledgable other. Scaffolding


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