Personality Factors

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  • Personality Factors
    • Type A
      • Struggle to achieve more and more in less and less time
      • Friedman and Rosenman
        • Competitiveness and achievement striding
          • Impatient and time urgency
            • Hostile and aggressive
      • Lead to raise blood pressure and levels of stress hormone, linked to ill health
        • Development of CHD
    • Type B
      • The opposite to type A
      • Patient, relaxed and easy going
      • Decrease an individuals risk of stress related illness
    • Hardy
      • Kobasa and Maddi
      • Many type A people appeared resistant to CHD
      • Provide people with a defence against the negative effects of stress
      • Control of their lives, commitment (involved with the world) and challenges are seen as problems to overcome
    • Research on Type A behaviour
      • Friedman and Rosenman
        • Studied 3000 men in California aged 39 to 59
        • Examined for signs of CHD and personalities assessed by an interview, asking questions about responses to everyday hassles
          • Interviewer spoke slowly to try and bring out type A's - interrupt
        • After 8 and a half years, twice as many type A's had died from heart attack
          • A had higher BP and cholestrol
        • 12.8% heart attack (6%). 2.6% recurring HA (0.8%). 2.7% fatal HA (1.1%)
    • Research on 'Hardy'
      • Kobasa studied 800 American business executives, using SRRS
        • 150 pps were classified as high stress
          • Some had low illness record, others had high
            • Another factor modifying the effects of stress
              • Hardy personality encourages resilience, all people who scored low on illness but high on SRRS showed all hardy features


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