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  • Personality
    • Temperament Types
      • Easy - have no effect when put in an unfamiliar. situation
        • Thomas and Birch -
          • Aim - to see if temperament is innate.
          • Method - 133 babies were observed and their parents were interviewed.
          • Results - babies were put into 3 categories; Easy, Difficult, Slow to Warm Up.
          • Conclusion - they found that temperment is innate.
          • Evaluation - Longitudinal Study, so results were carried out over a long period of time so were reliable.
            • Negative - participants were able to drop out.
      • Difficult - respond badly to being put in unfamiliar situation.
      • Slow to Warm Up - were unsure of the change at first but soon were content with the situation.
    • Personality is the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make a person unique.
    • Temperament - the genetic components of personality.
    • Eysenck Type Theory - personality types are inherited. They can be described using related traits.
    • Personality Types
      • Extrovert - someone who look to the outside world for entertainment.
      • Introvert - someone who is content with their own company.
      • Neurotic - people who show quick reaction to fear and are highly emotional.
      • Stable - someone who is unnerved by fear and is calm and relaxed
    • Personality Scale - ways of measuring personality using yes/no questions.
    • Amygdala - part of the brain involved with emotion.
      • Pre - frontal Cortex - controls social and moral behavior.


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