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  • Personality
    • Trait
      • Narrow Band
        • Type A
          • - Competitive, Like control, Work fast, Prone to stress
        • Type B
          • Non competitive, Work Slow, Dont like control, Less prone to Stress
      • Personality is Gentically inherited from parents genes
        • Stable, enduring and consistent
      • B=F(P)
      • Personality Types
        • Nuerotic
          • -Unpredictable moods/emotions, High degree of stress, recover slowly from stress
        • Introvert
          • Shy,aroused quick, more sensitive RAS
        • Stable
          • Predictable moods/emotions, Low degree of stress, Recover fast from stress
        • Extrovert
          • Social,aroused slowly, low sensitivity to RAS
    • Social Learning
      • B=F(E)
      • Behaviour is learnt
        • Behaviour is immitated by vicarious experiences
          • Behaviour aquired when endorsed by social reinforcement
      • Conditions that support SL
        • Role model is powerful
        • 'observed behaviour' is of a SO
          • performer wants to adopt the norms
        • Role model is same gender
    • Interactionist
      • B=F(PxE)
      • Psychological core
        • Most internal, ones true self, stable
      • Typical responses
        • Changeable, learned behaviours, modified by enviroment
      • Role Related Behaviour
        • Most external, most dynamic and changeable
      • Combines trait and SL
        • Personality is modified
          • Behaviour is formed when GI traits are stimulated by enviroment
    • Personality Profiling
      • Proof
      • Evidence
      • Subjectivity
      • Stereotype
      • Modification
      • Invalid
      • Untitled




Very helpful mind map, thank you!

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