Individual differences in stress: personality type

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  • Individual differences in stress: personality type
    • Friedman and Rosenman
      • 1950's - their patients mostly had coronary heart disease, suspected they had common personality characteristics.
      • Hypothesis - CHD is associated with a certain pattern of behaviour called Type A personality.
    • Personality types
      • Type A: someone who is competitive, time-urgent and hostile in most situations. Associated with CHD.
      • Type B: someone who is laid-back, relaxed and tolerant of others in most situations.
      • Type C: someone who is compliant, avoids conflict and suppresses their emotions in most situations. (linked to cancer?)
    • Research into Type A and B
      • Friedman and Rosenman: 3000 males, all free of CHD, asked 25 personality questions in interview. Interviewer interrupted and was aggressive to measure reaction
        • Findings: 8+half years later, 257 men developed CHD, 70% assessed as Type A. This was twice as many Type B's who developed CHD.
          • Type A's had higher levels of adrenaline and noradrenalineTheir impatience and hostility causes a raised physiological response.
    • Research into Type C
      • Patrick Dattore: 200 veterans of Vietnam War, 75 were cancer patients, 125 non-cancer patients. They completed scales for: repression of emotions and depression symptoms.
      • Cancer patients reported significantly greater emotional repression and fewer depression symptoms than non-cancer patients.
        • Supports the view that people who repress their emotions are unlikely to acknowledge that they are depressed.


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