Personality traits

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  • Personality
    • Trait- Innate and enduring
      • The idea that a person has always had a feature of their personality
      • Tells you how a person will behave instinctively to certain situations
      • Predisposition
        • Inclinations/ motives formed earlier
      • General
        • Covering all situations
      • Underlying
        • Inside, part of person
      • Enduring
        • Long lasting
    • Social learning- Behaviours learnt by observation and copying
      • We learn to deal with situations by watching others
        • Vicarious conditioning
          • Learning emotional responses through observational learning e.g, get angry at decision made by referee
      • Bandura- said behaviour determined by situation, act like peer group, social approval
    • Interactionist- A mixture of trait and social learning
      • Trait factors cannot be changed by athlete or coach
        • But can be worked upon by using positive imagery to overcome anxiety for example
    • Extroversion Introversion
      • Extrovert- Liveliness, sociability, impulsive
      • Introvert- Independent,shyness, isolation, quiet
    • Neurotic stable
      • Stability- Unchanging behaviour patterns
      • Neuroticism- behaviour may change unpredictably
      • Eysenck found mixture- e.g stable introvert= talkative outgoing
        • Eysenck added third scale- psychoticism=measure how tough minded a person is
    • Type A Type B
      • Type A
        • Impatience
        • Works at rapid pace
        • High levels of stress
        • Strong desire to succeed
      • Type B
        • Relaxed and patient
        • Low personal stress
        • Less competitive
        • Calm
    • Cattle, identified much larger number of personality traits, called Cattells 16PF


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