Morality public and personal

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  • Personal and Public morality
    • Nora public immoral but she did it for love
      • "A wife can't borrow without her husbands permission" "I loved you more than anything else in the world"
    • Torvald lacks personal morality
      • "Appeasing him" "preserve appearances"
    • Anne Marie- public morality made her give up children
      • "When a poor girl's been in trouble..he didn't do anything"
    • Dr Rank private immoral to blame
      • "Do penance for my fathers gay subaltern life"
    • Joe lies but for family
      • "I did it for you"
    • Difference in morality Chris Larry and Joe
      • "Nothin' is bigger" "Everyday three or four men never come back" "you were killing my boys"
    • Frank is a draft dodger but is happy
      • "always one year ahead of the draft" "He won the war, Frank"
    • Chris and Ann are moral even if might not seem public
      • "Larry's girl" - letter proves not anymore "I suspected my father and did nothing"


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