Personal and Family Issues Key Terms Depth

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  • Personal and Family Issues Depth
    • Homosexual
      • For
        • Apart of Gods Creative variety
        • It is natural, not chosen
        • Discrimination to say Gay's cant have sex
        • Gay and Lesbian Christian Movement
        • Not good to suppress their sexuality
      • Against
        • "all homosexuals to be celibate"
        • Content of sex is only for marriage
        • Genesis “a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one.”
        • Sex is for having children
        • Apostle Paul said "Homosexual Perverts"
      • Civil Partnership
        • Same sex couple register as civil partners
        • Same rights as a married couple
    • Single Life
      • Reasons
        • Not met the right person
        • They are a priest or nun
        • not interested in getting married
        • They are Divorced or Seperated
        • Main focus is there Job
      • Marriage and Catholic Priests
          • Make it harder to look after parish
          • Cant afford a family
            • No
              • Make it harder to look after parish
              • Jesus didn't get married
          • Jesus didn't get married
      • Marriage and Catholic Priests
        • No
          • Yes
            • Help Married couples easier
            • Sex is a Gift from God
            • being alone could lead to problems
            • might attract more priests
            • protestant clergy can marry
      • Chasity
        • Bible states sex takes place in marriage
        • avoids unwanted pregnancy
        • avoids STI and STD
        • people can be hurt by having sex in a temporary relationshipt
        • focus creating a relationship on friendship and not sex
        • Makes sex more special for a couple


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