Personal virtue, free will and suffering

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  • Personal virtue, free will and suffering
    • Karma
      • Hindus know they have free will to decide their path in life. They have a moral responsibility
      • Katha Upanishad 2.1-2
    • Dharma
      • This is one of the four aims of human life, the others being artha, kama, moksha
    • Suffering
      • Hindus think that suffering happens partly because of the sum of all the bad karma in people's previous lives.
      • Another type of suffering is due to 'moral evil', or the bad things humans do
      • Hindus attempt to break free from the suffering in this world and reach moksha
      • They believe inner peace is achieved by changing self rather than simply changing material circumstances
      • They also believe that it's a part of dharma to relieve the suffering of others


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