Perkin Warbeck

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  • Perkin Warbeck
    • 1474-99
    • First appeared as a threat to Henry VII in ireland 1491 aged 17
      • Claimed to be Richard of York youngest son of Edward IV
    • Charles VIII of France who first recognised his claims and welcomed him to court in Paris.
      • Probably using Warbeck to embarrass Henry and to divert him while he attempted to annex Brittany
    • 1492-Charles made peace with Henry so Warbeck was forced to move on to Burgundy
    • Warbeck welcomed by Margaret and her son in law, the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. Too busy with affairs in Italy to offer immediate suppport
    • Henry dealt with the English end of the Conspiracy
      • Leading figures such as Sir William Stanley, were accused and execfuted for treason in 1495
    • Warbeck landed in July 1495,he failed to rouse support and sailed up north to Scotland
      • Befriended by King James IV, who may have been convinced as he granted him an income of £1,200 per year and his own cousin in marriage.
    • James IV attempt to invade England on Warbeck's behalf in 1497 was a dissaster.
      • Warbeck was horrified of by the brutish behaviour of the Scots in raiding Northen boarder lines of England and refused to travel any further with them
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    • When Henry offerd James a truce, Warbeck fled to ireland, he was beginning to run out of support and gave himself up in August 1497
      • Made a full confession the King gave mercy and allowed Waebeck to emain in court
    • In 1498 Warbeck ran away and was imprisoned in the Tower Upon recapture.Involved in a plotting to escape with young Earl of Warwick.
      • Both executed in 1499 not sure if plot was encouraged by King's agents or genuine,it allowe Henry to dispose of two troublesome individuals


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