Periodic Table

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  • Periodic Table
    • Facts
      • Newlands and then Meldeev attempted to classify elements by arranging them in order of their ATOMIC WEIGHTS
      • This list can be arranged in a table, so elements with similar properties are in columns [GROUPS!]
      • It is called a periodic table as similar properties occur at regular intervals
    • Early Periodic Table
      • Incomplete
      • Some elements placed in inappropriate groups if strict order of atomic weights was followed
        • E.g. non-metals and metals were mixed up
      • Mendeleev solved these problems by leaving GAPS for elements that he thought had NOT BEEN DISCOVERED YET
    • Modern Periodic Table
      • Electrons, Neutrons and Protons were discovered in early 20th Century
      • Arranged in order of their atomic [proton] numbers
        • In terms of their electronic structures
        • So all elements are placed in APPROPRIATE groups
      • Elements in the same group have the same no. of electrons in their highest occupied energy level
        • [Outer shell]


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