The Performance Pyramid

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  • Performance Pyramid.
    • Foundation
      • Children being introduced to sport.
      • Learning basic skills and participate in a variety of activities.
      • Learning Postive attitudes towards physical activity.
      • E.G. Primary school, learning to catch.
    • Participation
      • School/ Club participation.
      • Non-competitive, extra curricular activitty.
      • Emphasis on enjoyment, fitness, health, or friendships.
      • Recreational
      • E.G. Joining a club
    • Performance
      • More formal school or club participation
      • Emphasis on competition or winning.
      • For skilled, commited performers who train regularly, are keen to improve, and receive coaching.
      • E.G. County or Midlands player.
      • District, county, or regional involvement.
    • Excellence/ Elite
      • Highly sklled/ Elite permers at national or international level.
      • High levels of coaching
      • Sport science support
      • Fully committed performers who may be professional/ get paid
      • E.G. Jessica Ellis-Hill
    • Treads of the pyramid- as you work up...
      • 1. Numbers of participation reduce
      • 2. Level of skill/ standard improves
      • 3.Importance of result/ outcome
      • 4. Elitism occurs.. i.e. only the best are dealt with
      • 5. Coaching/ preparation increase- Quality.
      • 6. Support increase (fianancial, medical, coaching, administration)
      • 7. Organisation increase.. i.e equipment provided


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