Percy Shelley

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  • Percy Shelley
    • His father wanted him to renounce the leaflet, but he refused and this caused a rift with his father
    • He believed in Pantheism - the idea that divine spirit flows through the universe - connecting everything
    • Born in 1792 from a wealthy family. His father Timothy Shelley was a member of parliament
    • He had a love of nature
    • He attended Eton (public school) and whilst there read much of the work of a philospher called William Godwin. Godwin believed in freedom and equality, but was an atheist
    • After reading thses ideas, Shelley became an atheist too
    • In 1810 he went to Oxford University where he became friends with Thomas Jeffereson Hogg. They wrote poetry together and wrote a leaflet telling people why they should not believe in God. This shocked people and both were expelled in 1811
    • In 1822 when he was only 29 he drowned in a sailing accident off the coast of Italy
    • Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein after Byron suggested that they should all write ghost stories
    • In 1816, Shelley and Mary met Lord Byron in Switzerland and became close friends
    • When he was 19 he eloped with a 16 year old called Harriet Westbrook. They had children but he was not faithful
    • When he met his hero - William Godwin, he fell in love with Godwin's daughter, Mary
    • Godwin didn't approve but Shelley divorced Harriet and married Mary


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