Percentage Composition and Empirical Formula-C5

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  • Percentage Composition and Empirical Formula
    • Empirical formula: the simplest whole number ratio of each type of atom in a compund
      • Glucose- C6H12O6---> CH2O
    • Empirical formula can be calculated in five stages
      • 1) Write down the mass of each element
        • 2) Find relative atomic mass
          • 3) Work out how many moles there are of each element (=relative atomic mass)
            • 4) Choose the element present in the smallest amount
              • 5) Divide the moles by the smallest mole compound then DO THE RATIO
    • % mass of an element= total mass in compound/rel-ative formula mass
    • % composition by mass
      • 1) Mass of an element in 100g of acid
        • 2) Relative atomic mass
          • 3) Convert to moles of each element
            • 4) Identify the element present in the smallest amount
              • 5) Divide by the smallest


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