People and the biosphere

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  • People & the Biosphere
    • Types of biomes
      • Taiga biome: high latitudes where the sun's rays are weak with a cold climate
      • Temperate biome: high rainfall and seasonal variations of Sun's rays.
        • Biome is an ecosystem on a global scale
          • An ecosystem is a group of animals and plants that interact
          • Biodiversity is the number of different species of flora and fauna
      • Tropical biome: hot with heavy rainfall found either side of the equator.
      • Tundra biome: within the Artic circle with little Sun and heat.
      • Desert biome: close to the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer and are very hot during the day.
    • Local Factors
      • Rock/soil type: this affects how fertile the areas are
        • An abiotic factor, a non-living component
      • Altitude: the higher the altitude the lower the temperature
      • Drainage: this affects how much water is retained in the soil
    • Global Factors
      • Precipitation: conventional and relief rainfall affecting water levels
      • Sunshine hours: length of sunshine will affect the rate plants produce energy
      • Temperature: this is dependent on the level of the Sun's energy, also affecting climate
      • Latitude: the tilt of the Earth, changing the concentration of the Sun's rays
    • Life support system
      • Regulates gases: plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen for respiration
        • A biotic factor, a living component
      • Regulates the water cycle: plants slow the flow of water to rivers and filter water to make it clear
      • Nutrient cycle: new nutrients are provided by rotting plant material
      • Also provides goods such as food, shelter, medicine and wood
    • Theories
      • Boserup thought we could solve this through technological fixes and human innovation
      • Malthus thought it would be impossible to increase food production to match the growing population
        • This would result in the food supply running out and lead to war and famine


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