The Story of Penicillin

A simple mindmap showing the story of penicillin, it's discovery, development and mass production. Also includes key prompt words.

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  • Penicillin
    • Discovery
      • Sent to France during WW1 to study the treatment of wounds infected by by streptococci and staphylococci bacteria
        • Streptococci  Staphylococci
      • In 1928, he left  cultures of staphylococci bacteria on his bench. On his return, he noticed that a mould had grown, and killed the surrounding bacteria. He named it penicillin
        • Chance                                          Penicllin
      • He discovered  what germs penicillin killed, and then used to to treat a scientist's eye that had conjunctivitus
        • Eye
      • He wrote his findings in 1929, but it did not get recognition as he did not have any solid evidence
        • 1929                 No Evidence
    • Development
      • Two students, Howard Florey and Ernst Chain, were working on natural substances that could kill germs. They came across Fleming's paper and decided to work on penicillin,
        • Florey and Chain. Natural substances
      • They tried to get funding from the British government, but they could only give them £25 because the war was happening.Florey was determined and went to the US and got funding for 5 years
        • Funding. War. 25. US
      • By 1941 they had enough to test on Albert Alexander- a policeman who was dying. But they ran out, so he eventually died
        • 1941. Policeman
    • Mass Production
      • In 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, bringing the US into the war. Seeing the potential of penicillin in the war effort, the American government funded several companies into mass producing it in vats
        • Pearl Harbour. US Government. Vats.


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