Peer groups

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  • Peer groups - secondary socialisation
    • PG socialisation
      • Different  activities - learn rules of games/sports through peers (gender roles)
      • Peer group pressure - imitate group behaviour; conformity; failure to conform = rejection
      • Hierarchy - some indivs = higher status; act as role models
      • Recognising similarity - similar interests - 'cultural comfort zones'
      • Resistance and rebellion - resisting norms and values accepted as part of growing up; (sub cultures)
    • Theory
      • interactionists - Handel = notes childhood socialisation can be viewed from 2 perspectives 1. the socialisation agents such as parents and teachers or 2. the child who is being socialised - strong influence of peers, in which they socialise each other
    • differences in socialisation
      • Adults = socialisation of children into comma or core values; long-term adjustment to society; kids follow rules passed down to them - clear sense of hierarchy
      • Peer group = diff. values, concerned with more immediate gratification and inclusion w/in the PG; children actively take part in making the rules


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