Peace and War

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  • Peace and War
    • Just War Argument
      • 1) Just Cause - (self-defence)
      • 2) Lawful authority declare war - UN/Govt.
      • 3) Legitimate targets - military installations not civilians
      • 4) Last resort - all peaceful negotiations must be tried
      • WHY IMP? Creates a peaceful civilized society - minimises suffering
    • Muslim Attitudes
      • Holy War
        • Last Resort
        • Started and controlled by religious leader
        • Just Cause
        • Must bring about a just society
      • Arguments
        • "If they incline to peace, make peace"
        • "No compulsion in religion" - Muslims aren't compelled to fight
        • "Requite evil with good" - be peaceful
        • If Criteria of Holy War are fulfilled Muslims must fight
        • "Fight for the sake of Allah"
        • "Paradise is for those who curb their anger"
    • Christian Attitudes
      • Pope Benedict 16: "defending ourselves and others from evil is our duty"
      • "Obey State Authorities"
      • "God answered their prayers and made them victorious" - war happens  b/c God makes it happen
      • "The Lord trains me for battle and prepares me for war" - God is preparing us for war - God condones war
      • "Do not murder" - war involves murder so is wrong
      • RC: "Wars have a negative impact on development" - war prevents development of a country
      • Quakers: "Do not take revenge on those who wrong you" - Don't fight back if someone attacks you
      • "Love thy neighbour" - war does not show love so it is worng


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