Peace and Justice

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  • Peace and Justice
    • Just War Theory, Thomas Aquinas: 1. Started by leader of State 2. Good chance of success 3. Minimum force used 4. All other options must have been tried 5. There must be a just reason for going to war.
    • Liberation Theology: A Christian idea which interprets the teachings of Jesus in terms of liberating (freeing) people from social injustice. For Example; Oscar Romero
    • Contentious objector: A person who refuses to serve in the armed forces on the grounds of conscience and morals.
    • Pacifist: The belief that any kind of violence is wrong and that you should not participate in any wars.
    • Aims of Punishment: Deterrence, Reform, Retribution, Protection
    • Restorative Justice: The victim and criminal meet to consider the harm caused and how to repair it.
    • Social Injustice: Things in society which are not fair, right or reasonable.
    • Forgiveness


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