Peace and Conflict

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  • Peace and Conflict
    • The United Nations
      • An international body set up to promote world peace and cooperation.
      • It helped Haiti to recover from their earthquake in 2010.
    • Religious Organisations promoting world peace
      • Examples
        • Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
        • Pax Christi
        • Baptist Peace Fellowship
      • Why try for world peace?
        • By working for peace you are obeying Jesus's command 'To love one another'
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    • Why war?
      • Patriotism-need to prove a point
      • Political differences-political ideas between parties may cause conflict
      • History-countries that have conflicts with each other in the past are likely to fight again.
      • Protection-may need to fight back against corrupt political leaders or people who may be a threat to the society.
      • Racial or Cultural differences
    • Just war
    • Christian attitudes to war
      • Pacifism including Quakers.
        • The Decalogue says "Thou shall not murder".
        • The teaching 'Love your neighbour' can never mean killing.
        • Jesus taught to love your enemies.
        • The Sermon on the Mount teaches to turn the other cheek.
      • Anglicans and Catholics
        • Jesus helped the Roman Centurion soldier, he did not condemn him from fighting
        • War may be needed to overcome evil
        • Christians should work for peace and justice and if war is the only way in achieving this they must take part.
    • Muslim attitudes to war
      • It must be in self defence or for the defence of Islam.
      • It must be the last resort.
      • Innocent people must not suffer and land and plants must not be harmed.
      • It must stop when the enemy surrenders.
      • It must be declared by a religious or spiritual authority.
      • Teachings
        • "Indeed Allah loves those who act justly" Qur'an 49:9
        • "O mankind , indeed We have created you from male and female and made you people and tribes that you may know one another" Qur'an 49:13
    • Christian attitudes to bullying
    • Muslim attitudes to bullying
    • Religious Conflicts in families
      • The Causes?
        • Choice of friends with different faiths.
        • Choice of partner with different beliefs.
        • Not wanting to attend worship
        • Wanting to do things against the rules in their belief.
        • Wanting to convert to another faith.
      • How might causes of conflict result in arguments.
        • Parents may feel their children don't respect them
        • Parents may feel that they failed in the role of bringing their children up.
        • Children may be forced into doing something against their will.
        • Parents may fear that their children are sinning.
    • Christians and forgiveness and reconciliation
    • Muslims and forgiveness and reconciliation


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