Paul`s missionary journeys

this is a mind map of some of Pauls missionary journeys in the book of acts. there is another one to come!:-D

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  • Paul`s missionary journeys
    • Athens
      • here Paul gave a sermon about an alter he had passed to "the unknown god."
      • Paul spoke to some of the epicurian and stiocs in the Areopagus
        • The Areopagus was where all the major debates where held.
      • when he arrived Paul sent for Silus and Timothy to come to him as quickly as possible
    • ephesus
      • Appolos came to them here and we are told that he knew the scriptures well but only knew of Johns baptism
        • he was taught by priscilla and aqulla the ways of god more adiquatly
        • he was a native of alexandra, and a jew
      • there was a rich silversmith called Demitrius who made idols, and he caused a rebellion among the silversmiths.
    • berea
      • The people here studied the bible "night and day." to see wether Paul and silus teaching was right
      • Paul the left Silus and timothy here and went on to Athens
    • corinth
      • here Priscilla and aquilla joined him after being evicted from Rome by Claudus.i
    • Miletus
      • this was where Paul stopped last on is last missionary journey
      • Agabus here propheside that Paul would be taken captive by the romans
    • Phillipi (in macadonia)
      • it was here that Paul and Silas got arrested
        • when in prison they sang and praised God.
        • The jailer got saved when they did not escape but stayed in the cell.
    • cyprus
    • Lystra
      • when he healed a crippled man here the people thought he and Barnabbas where gods
        • Paul=Zues Barnnabas=Hermes
        • Paul and Silas the barley managed to keep the people from sacrificing to them.
          • Jews the persuaded the people to stone them. They then dragged Paul out of the city supposing he was dead.


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