Global Shift

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  • Global Shift
    • manufacturing has gone from developed countries to lower wage economis
      • known as Global Shift
        • this is brought about by FDI by TNC's
        • lead to the de-industrialisation of richer countries(mdcs)and the focus on tertiary and Quaternary industry
        • been outsourcing of service operations, such as call centres
          • Mumbai
    • On MEDC's
      • Positives
        • movement of polluting industries away from their country
        • Cheaper imports can keep the cost of living down benefiting the retail sector
        • Growth in LEDC's may lead to demand for exports from MEDc's
        • Labour market flexibility and effciency
        • Help to reduce inflation
        • Development of new technology leads to investment
      • Negatives
        • negative multiplier effect
        • Large gap between skilled and unskilled workers
        • loss of skills
        • deindustrialisation of some areas
        • Could lead to wide spread unemployment
    • On LEDCS
      • Positives
        • Increased FDI and investment which can lead to improved services such as infrastructure, healthcare and education
        • Help reduce development gap
        • Increased exports increases income and GDP
        • Increased employment
        • New Technology
        • Development of new industries
      • Negatives
        • Rapid urbanisation and rural-urban migration
        • Destabilises food supplied, lless agriculture
        • westernised approach to economy
        • Increased environmental damage due to polluting industries
        • Exploitation of labour
        • Over-dependent on one industry


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