Energy Issues

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  • Patterns and Changes in Energy
    • Changes in Production
      • Energy production has increased where new reserves are found e.g. Nigeria and Algeria
      • Increases in places that have become more politically stable
      • Production of energy in places where resources have run out e.g. North Sea oil - affecting UK, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany
      • Decreases in places that become more unstable e.g. Sudan oil production in the civil war
    • Changes in Consumption
      • China has the largest population and one of the fastest growing economy in the world - standards of living increase, along with industrial output, more energy is consumed
      • Newly industrialised countries e.g. India and Mexico are using more energy as they develop
    • Changes in Trade
      • This changes as a result of production and consumption changing
      • Exports from ex-Soviet central Asian countries are increasing - attracting buyers from the EU, USA and China because it's more stable than the Middle East and isn't controlled by Russia
      • Brazil and Denmark used to be heavily reliant on imports but now are both energy self-sufficient due to development of renewable energy and discovers of domestic oil reserves


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