Pathways into Physical activity

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  • Pathways into involvement in physical activitiy
    • Regular involvement in PE, sport, dance, and healthy activity
      • Regular attendance to PE classes,
      • Active participation and regular attendence
    • Taking part in school and community sport and dance opportunities
      • Taking part in sport that is available through school or the local community
        • School dance club
        • being part of your local 5 a side football team
    • Deciding to become a performer, leader, official and working towards qualifications
      • Coaching badges and awards for participation
        • Going through gym badges in gymnastics
    • Being involved in increasingly complex and challenging tasks and activities
      • When involved you may wish to go further as you get more experienced
        • If in skiing you can comfortably ski a blue piste moving on to a red
      • Involves pushing yourself and taking up personal goals, this can be very motivating and rewarding
    • Reaching the highest possible standards of involvement in physical activity
      • You strive to be better at what you do and raise your own personal standards
        • Being in division 3 in your local netball league and working to move up to division 2
      • This can give you a great sense of achievement
    • Pursuing routes into physical activity through volunteering


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