Pathogens, lifestyle and disease

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  • Pathogens, lifestyle and disease
    • Disease
      • Causes
        • Infectious- caused by pathogens
        • Non infectious- from lifestyle or genetics
      • Pathogen
        • An organism/ micro-organism that causes disease
        • Can release toxins or cause direct damage to cell
        • Fungi, bacteria, virus
      • Definition
        • A malfunction of part or the whole of the body with a characteristic set of symptoms
      • Routes of infection
        • Lining of digestive system
        • Breaks in skin
        • Urinary and reproductive system
        • Gas exchange system
        • Always in contact with the environment
        • Large surface area
        • Thin exchange surface
    • Risk factor
      • Factors that increase your chance of developing a disease
      • Cancer
        • Carcinogenic chemicals
        • Ionising radiation
      • Heart disease
        • Lack of exercise/ stress- high blood pressure, damage to endothelium wall
        • Smoking- increases toxins in blood, damage to epithelium wall
        • High cholesterol/ lipid diet- increase cholesterol level, increase in lipid uptake
    • Correlation and cause
      • Correlation shows that there is a relationship between two variables but might not be a causal one
      • Causal link
        • A change in one variable leads to a change in another variable


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