Pathogens and Disease

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  • Pathogens and Diseases
    • Infectious diseases are found all over world - (HIV, flu, tetanus)
    • Disease is caused by a micro-organism entering and attacking your body.
    • Micro-organisms which cause disease are called pathogena - common types of pathogens are bacteria and viruses
    • Bacteria
      • Single cell living organisms smaller than plant or animal cells.
    • Viruses
      • Can cause disease in any living object - plants, animals, humans, even smaller than bacteria
    • How do they make you ill?
      • They enter your body + reproduce rapidly
        • They split into two and release toxins which is what makes us ill.
          • Viruses ONLY damage your cells as they reproduce and damage as they take over your cells.
          • You catch a disease when you come into contact with someone else who is infected.


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