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  • Pathogens
    • Pathogens are...
      • An organism which causes disease
      • Micro organisms, and some larger organisms ie Parasites
      • Include some bacteria, some fungi, and all viruses
    • To gain access, they must penetrate one of the following interfaces...
      • Damaged skin
        • Blood clots form to prevent the entry of pathogens
      • Respiratory system
        • The body uses mucus, and tiny hairs (cilia) trap the pathogen and move it up to the mouth
      • Digestive system
        • Stomach acid and enzymes will kill most pathogens
    • Once in the body, pathogens can cause disease in 2 ways...
      • Production of toxins
      • Cell damage
        • Rupturing host cells to release nutrients inside them
        • Breaking down nutrients inside the cell for their own use.
        • Replicating in the cell and bursting them


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