Communication between cells in the specific response

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  • Pathogen engulfed by the cells from the immune system
    • Removal of antigens from pathogen
      • Antigens presented on surface of engulfing cells (antigen presentation)
        • selection of correct T killer cells and T helper cells
          • Reproduction of T helper cells
            • release of interleukins
              • activation of B cells
                • reproduction of B cells
                  • Some B cells differentiate to make plasma cells
                    • Plasma cells manufacture antibodies
                  • Some B cell clones differentiate to make B memory cells
                    • Memory cells circulate in body providing immunological memory
          • Reproduction of T killer cells
            • T killer cells search for infected cells
              • T killer cells attach to infected cells
                • T killer cells secrete toxic substances into infected cells to kill cell and the pathogens contained in it.


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