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  • Pathogen
    • Micro-organism
      • "Bacteria or virus that is too small to be seen without a microscope".
    • "A disease causing micro-organism".
    • How  can a micro-organism be classed as a pathogen?
      • 1) Gain entry in the hosts tissues.
        • 2) Colonise the hosts tissues
          • 3) Resist the hosts defence mechanisms.
            • 4) Cause damage to the hosts tissues.
              • e.g, breaks down the membrane of the hosts cell.
    • Interface
      • " A boundary that links together 2 systems", INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ENVIROMENTOF THE BODY.
      • The skin forms an effective barrier to infection, THICK CONTINUOS LAYER.
      • EVOLVED INTERFACES:Digestive system & Gas exchange system
        • Good supply of blood vessels and Large Surface Area.
    • How do pathogens cause disease?
      • 1. Damage host tissues by breaking down membrane of host cell, this prevents the host cell from functioning properly.
      • 2. Produces toxins, e.g cholera bacterium...


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