Pathetique Sonata

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  • Beethoven
    • Tonality
      • The key of the piece is in C minor
      • music modulates to Eb major which is the relative major and F minor which is the subdominant
      • Music modulates to unrelated keys such as E Minor - development
    • Harmony
      • Music features many chromatic, especially diminished sevenths
      • Distinctive  perfect cadences at the end of the movement
      • interrupted  cadence in bar 9
      • use of augmented 6th chords
    • Melody
      • slow introduction is based on a short motif of 6 notes
      • Scalic passages such as descending chromatic scale
      • Melodic lines also include arpeggios and  broken chords
      • Ornamentation - acciaccaturas, mordents and trills
    • Texture
      • Slow introduction has homophonic passages
      • Right hand plays octaves
      • Long depending monophonic
      • melody-dominated homophony = second subject
      • broken chord, and thirds in trills
    • tempo, meter and rhythm
      • introduction is marked grave (very slow)
      • It is in common time
      • Sextuplets can be seen
      • main section is allegro de molto e con brio
      • Continuous quavers are in the right hand part
      • Staccato are important in the right hand of the first subject


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