Pasteur & Germ Theory 1861

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  • Pasteur & Germ Theory 1861
    • initial beliefs
      • Spontaneous generation
        • microorganisms only appear at the site of a decay
      • miasma caused diease
    • Discovery
      • Pasteur was investigating why beer was going off so fast
        • challenged spontaneous  generation
          • believe the microbes were causing the decay
            • believed they had fallen from the air into fermentation tanks
        • Looked under microscope to find microbes rapidly multiplying
          • Called them germs (germinating)
    • Theory
      • Air full of microbes
      • More microbes in some areas than in others
      • Microbes can decay
      • microbes can be killed by heating
        • Pasteurisation
      • microbes were found to be killing silkworms
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