Passion- Kathleen Raine

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  • Passion - Raine
    • 'wounding' = serious pain but you live through it
    • Oxymoron = mute telephone (something that cannot be)
      • She will never hear her lovers voice
      • Ideas of contrast in the first paragraph
        • Imagery of cloud sailing sounds quite calming, however in contrast they are sailing without her
          • Signifies that love can be both good and bad, and may not be all it seems originally
          • Sailing = good and bad of the sea. Harsh and wild (stormy road of heartbreak), yet peaceful and beautiful
    • Heart break described as death. It feels like the end
    • Idea of lack of speach
      • Speech is fundamental and love has taken her human elements from her
        • Even speech has abandoned (forsook) her and she feels lifeless
      • Homer signifies even her poetic (fundamental) heritage is out of reach.
    • Savage conches
      • Savage emphasises the brutality, yet conches are beautiful and this reflects that love is both brutal and beautiful
      • Conches are sometime used as horns, maybe she like the conch feels empty inside and is crying for help
    • 'The sky spoke to me in a language clear'
      • Nothing but the sky (nature) can connect to her
      • epiphanic moment where she realises that she is never alone when nature is around
      • The sky is even more clear than poetry
        • Sky connects as deep as her soul and advises her to forget about love, she already has what she desires
    • Sky tells her that "this your nature is"
      • Means that the tranquility of the nature is deep within her, however, things like love can disrupt it
      • "The world you with the flower and the tiger share"
        • You share the world with scary things that will cause harm, but there are also beautiful things and if you don't put yourself out in the world, you live a living death
  • Structure: some lines flow in a tranquil manner, however some have more pace and irregular which reflects that life is sometimes tranquil and sometimes not


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