party funding

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  • Party Funding
    • Sources of funding
      • Self fionance for candiates for office
      • Loans from individuals or Banks "policy development grant" from electoral comission
      • Hold fundraiser events
      • Donations from supporters
      • Electoral comission gives each party £2million  "short money"
      • Collect subcscription money from members
    • implications of donations
      • "cash for honours" the idea that those who give big donations get something in return like 2005 scandal
      • large coperate companys may want a policy in return like
        • "ocuntry wide developments" giving £233,000 to conservatives could be in support of lower tax or green belt building
      • big party donatiopns
      • politcal inequlity for donations
    • Alternative funding
      • state funding
      • restrict who can give donations lik no big companys or PG's
      • restrict donation amount
      • tighter restirtiction on how much can be spent during elections
    • Politcal parties, Elections and Referendum act 200
      • People not on electoral role can make a donatioon to a party
      • Placed limits n how much can be spent for elections
      • donations over £500 had to be declared
      • Donations over 7500 have to be put of a register and declared who gave it


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