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  • Partnerships
    • Marriage
      • Fewer people are marrying: in 2005 there were only 170,800 marriages half than 1970
        • Less people are getting married in churches as the Religious creeds are losing their support
        • Also, people are scared of divroce so don't marry in the first place
      • Yet there are more remarriages, with 4 in 10 of divorcee's getting re-married
      • People are marrying later too due to the rise in focusing on careers
        • The change in the position of society, more career-centred
    • Cohabitation
      • There are about 2 million people cohabiting in Britain
      • Reasons for the increase
        • The decline in stigma attached to sex outside marriage
        • Younger people are more likely to cohabit because its cheaper, with 88% of 18-25 living like this
          • They are less religious too
        • Women don't need to get married early in their lives anymore as they don't need financial support
      • The relationship between conhabitation and marriage
        • Cohabitation is a attempt at introducing a new modern, younger type of relationship
        • It is the process of pre-marriage and people will get married if thy are having or plan to have children
    • Same-sex relationships
      • Stonewall
        • 7% of the UK's population have same-sex relationships
        • It is impossible to judge whether this represents an increase because in the past, the stigma and illegality of same sex relationships were kept secret
      • Social policy is beginning to treat all couples more equally, whether homosexual or heterosexual, cohabitation or married. Recently, the first same sex marriage happened in March 2014
    • One-person households
      • Been a big rise, due to the increase in divorce
        • The role of women
          • Less people are getting married too!
      • Many can afford to adopt this type of partnerships as benefits from the government give extra  support


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