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  • particles
    • Molecule
      • A cluster of non-metal atoms that are chemically bonded together
      • The atoms in a molecule are joined by covalent bonds
      • The atoms always join in fixed ratios and molecules have a specific formula, eg H2O or N2
      • There are molecules of compounds (eg CH4) and molecules of elements (eg O2)
    • Element
      • A pure substance that is listed on the periodic table and only has one type of atom in it
      • There are over 100 elements d
      • Most are metals, a few are semi-metals, and the rest are non-metals
    • Compound
      • Elements bond in fixed ratios and so can be represented by a chemical formula. For example, sodium chloride has the same number of sodium ions and chloride ions, so its formula is NaCl
      • A pure substance made from more than one type of element chemically bonded together
    • Mixture
      • Air is a mixture that contains the elements nitrogen, oxygen and argon, and also the compound carbon dioxide
      • Mixtures can usually be separated by physical techniques such as filtering and distillation
      • An impure substance made from different elements or compounds
    • Atom
      • The smallest particle of an element
      • cannot be split up


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