Participation in sport

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  • Participation as an individual
    • Age
      • Strength
        • Strength decreases as you get older, but most younger people wont acheive maximal strength untill they older.
      • Oxygen capacity
        • This reduces with age and the heart becomes less efficient. The arteries gradually lose elasticity, increasing blood pressure and reducing blood flow.
      • Skill Level
        • This can improve with age and experiance, as well as improving as we grow and get stronger.
      • Injuries
        • The older you get, the longer it takes you to recover from injuries and there is more a chance of you getting one.
      • Flexibility
        • Flexibility is quite high in teens buts tends to decrease with age. This can coinsine with the tendancy to put on weight which also reduces flexibility.
    • Gender
      • Women Tend to have smaller physiques then men.
      • Men have a higher oxygen capacity then women
      • Men tend to have more muscle then women with some differences of 40%-50%
      • Women have flatter broader pelvises
      • Women are more flexible then men
      • Women tend to have more fat then men.
    • Physique
      • Ectomorph
      • Endomorph
        • Thin
      • Mesomorph
    • Environment
    • Training


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