participation as an individual

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  • participation as an individual
    • strength
      • men are generally stronger than women
      • strength peakes in the mid 20's
    • physique
      • endomorph: pear shaped, wide hips, wide shoulders, eg props/hookers
      • mesomorph: wedge shaped, broad shoulders, thin waist, eg weightlifters
      • ectomorph:slim, long limbs, narrow, little body fat, eg long distance runners
    • environment
      • weather
        • rain would make a surface slippy so a much slower, more careful game would be played, also if it is hot and dry then you would be at a higher risk of dehydration.
      • pollution
        • the air is full of greenhouse gases so there is less oxygen and you have to work harder to find it.
      • altitude
        • there is less oxygen in the air so the body needs to work harder to respire.
    • gender
      • women have higher body fat percentages than men
      • men have a higher oxygen capacity
      • women are much more flexible
      • in tests for maximum strength, men were found to be nearly 50% stronger


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